The Power of Touch

provides a deeply therapeutic response at Vail Valley Wellness

Alicia practices a combination of Shiatsu, TuiNa, and additional appropriate modalities during her bodywork sessions. She uses the theories of Chinese medicine to activate specific acupuncture points, while easing muscles and promoting a sense of harmony in the body. Alicia has also studied HARA abdominal massage, which activates the visceral organs to help the body recover.

This is a hands on therapy involving direct pressure on specific meridians and acupoints designed to bring the body back into balance. Our bodywork sessions include a short intake with your practitioner and 45 minutes of hands-on therapy.

There are many conditions for which bodywork is indicated.  Patients have used it to:

  • Resolve upper back/neck/shoulder tension from stress or poor posture

  • Relieve digestive concerns

  • Bring circulation to stagnant, old injuries

  • Increase blood flow to an area of recent trauma

  • Break up scar tissue

  • Harmonizes the body to better approach life’s physical, mental, and emotional challenges

  • Relieves stress and anxiety