Chinese Medicine encompasses the art of healthcare.

Through a number of trusted modalities, we can elicit lasting relief from pain, health concerns, and habitual patterns, such as insomnia, addiction, and emotional dis-ease.  Your practitioner will work one-on-one with you to learn about your health history, current health concerns, and your desires for treatment.  She will create a tailored plan that may include some if not all of the following: acupuncture, customized herbal formulas, moxibustion, cupping, electrical stimulation, gua sha, and TDP lamp heat therapy.  All questions about your treatment are welcomed and encouraged.  The practitioners at Vail Valley Wellness seek to work together to create a treatment plan that will yield the best results.


We’ve studied the medicine, treated the patients, and seen the results!  By and large, we know that seeing you in a Program format, where you are able to receive multiple treatments in a short span of time, significantly improves success rates, yielding high-quality results that last!

We stand by our programs because of our clinical experience and success with patients committed to their programs.  Because of the dramatically increased odds of successful outcomes, we would much prefer to see you two-three times a week for a month than once a month for a year. Every acupuncture treatment builds upon the prior. When you have multiple sessions back-to-back we are taking the hard-work away from your body. It simply won’t have time to revert back to what it was before. When you sign up for any of our Programs, we will waive your initial consultation fee (a $165-175 value).  Many of our Programs also include customized herbal formulas for daily support, which we know to greatly enhance healing, recovery, and restoration. We look forward to seeing you in our space and please reach out with any questions.

Fertility Support Program

Investment of $2800

Initial Consultation + treatments twice a week for three months + herbs + fertility support manual with guides to nutrition, supplements, lifestyle advice, hormone tracking, and more!

Acute Pain Program

Investment of $1125

Initial Consultation + treatments three times a week for three weeks + custom herbs.

Chronic Pain Program

Investment of $1625

Initial Consultation + treatments twice a week for 7 weeks + custom herbs.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Program

**favorite program of 2018**
Investment of $2100

Initial Consultation + treatments twice a week for 6 weeks + cosmetic beauty manual + complimentary AcuRoller for at-home treatments between visits.  Note: each of these sessions include a full body acupuncture treatment, micro-needling on the face, facial cupping, guasha, and LED light therapy.

Well-Baby Program

Investment of $1125 or $4750

Once a month treatments for 9 months + a complimentary post-partum Yoni Steam.
Once a week treatments for 9 months + four complimentary postpartum Yoni Steams.

Menopause Support Program

Investment of $1450

Initial Consultations + treatments twice a week for six weeks.