A Natural Facial

using Eastern approaches to leave your skin glowing, lifted, and radiant!

Our Facial Rejuvenation treatments combine the skincare approaches from thousands of years practice with improved tools and therapies to give our guests the best natural facial in the Valley. You will leave the session with your healthy skin glowing and the best part, is that your results peak actually two or three days later! This is the perfect treatment to receive if you have an upcoming event, wedding, or travel plans. There is zero down-town, zero discoloration, and zero marks or bruises left behind.

We will begin the session with a short intake, learning if there are any areas on which your practitioner should focus. Then, you are free to rest and enjoy a beautifying treatment where we will use a number of the following modalities. 

An herbal facial salve is applied to first clear heat and toxins and then to moisturize the skin. Facial cupping increases circulation, calling the platelets to replenish any stagnation just under your skin, and plump up elasticity. Don’t worry, it will not leave bruising marks like you see on some Olympic athletes- these cups are more gentle and the continuous movement of them allows the blood to flow, instead of stagnant. A jade stone facial allows the practitioner to raise the tissues up, drain lymph, and encourage collagen production. For this, we use a number of specialized guasha (pronounced, gwa-sha) tools, in both jade and rose quartz to help reduce signs of wrinkles and firm your skin- especially around the eyes and along the jawline. Targeted LED Light Therapy, using near-infrared capabilities, helps shrink pores, reduces the appearance of small lines and wrinkles, increases collagen, restores skin elasticity, tightens skin, improves dark circles, promotes wound healing, improves acne and oily skin, and accelerates the absorption of skin care products. 

The treatment ends with a lovely dose of our guest-favorite, effervescent skin serum, which is a lovely combination of geranium, rosemary, and lavender oils in a calendula and comfrey herbal tonic solution.

Each guest will receive a slightly modified treatment. We recommend getting facial rejuvenation regularly for lasting changes to the luster and health of your skincare- twice weekly for five weeks. These treatments also provide an incredible “natural face-lift” that is welcomed before a big night! You could get this one to three days before the event to be sure your skin is radiant and beautiful!

Improvements to the following aspects of the skin may be addressed with Facial Rejuvenation:

  • Elasticity

  • Redness

  • Lines and wrinkles

  • Puffiness

  • Sagging

  • Facial symmetry

  • Color

  • Texture

  • Moisture

  • Under-eye circles

We caution facial rejuvenation for patients with during an acute outbreak of skin condition. For this, an acupuncture session might be more appropriate, where we will address those areas of concern, perhaps using some of the above modalities along with customized herbal formulas to get your skin healthy once again!