“An oasis.”

I can't say enough good things about Vail Valley Wellness. Becky is attentive, compassionate, and focused. She spent more time with me than I can say most docs have during my recent visits and made my concerns feel heard. She worked her magic and we have been making excellent progress! I am sleeping better than ever and my stress is way down. Thank goodness for this place- a true oasis in the Vail Valley!

— T.D.

“I can’t wait until my next visit!”

I feel SO good! I came into the clinic late, stressed, and a mess and now I never want to leave! I can't wait until my next visit! Thanks, Becky!

— D.C.


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“Love, love, love!.”

Love, love, love this place!! And the needles really don't hurt that much! ;)

— L.P.

“I look forward to this hour every week.”

I've been getting acupuncture for years now and have to say there is something special behind this medicine. I am a healthy guy in general, but weekly treatments keep my muscles relaxed and my small aches and pains at bay. This has been a must in my training regimen and I look forward to this hour every week. Thanks Vail Valley Wellness! 

— R.R.


“Baby's here!!”

I had heard that acupuncture could help jumpstart labor and in my 39th week I sought out Vail Valley Wellness. Well, something worked because baby's here!! Thank you for taking care of my tired, pregnant self- next time I won't wait so long to come see you!

— C.P..

“I actually like the taste of the herbs!”

Becky, thank you for seeing me. I went home and made up my first batch of tea after the appointment and I have to say, I actually like the taste of the herbs! I'm excited to see how they work and looking forward to my next visit.

— P.M.

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