Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Embrace the complete treatment. At your initial appointment we will work with you in determining your health goals and learning about your personal constitution. By completing a thorough intake we can better assess where imbalances lie and find harmony. These are our core treatments that include an hour-long acupuncture treatment and an herbal formula to take home.

Herbal Consultation

Not a fan of needles?  An herbal consultation alone is a great alternative to acupuncture while still receiving the benefits of the medicine. Herbs are the backbone of Chinese medicine and nearly all conditions can benefit from an uniquely curated formula for each individual. Many symptoms can be treated with a singular formula and we have the option to create an internal formula or an external soak or salve in either raw herb form or a granulated powder.


Lay down and enjoy blissful peace, healing, and regeneration with one of our incredibly relaxing BioMat sessions.  Manage your pain and stress through Thermotherapy as you experience deep penetrating heat, leading to increased mobility and circulation.

Ionic Foot Detox

Slow down and detox. This extremely relaxing treatment is great alone or shared with a friend. Enjoy a cup of tea as you soak your feet in an ionic-charged foot bath. Low-voltage electrical currents release positive and negative ions that enter the foot bath and clean up toxins, ultimately alkalizing the body. This gentle and effective treatment has been considered to increase energy, reduce headaches, improve sleep, and brighten the complexion.

Yoni Steam

Receive a gentle form of hydrotherapy with our vaginal steam sessions.  Allow the warmth of a customized herbal formula permeate the exterior of the vagina and improve the health of your feminine essence.  Women have reported improvements in irregular menstruation, infertility, postpartum healing, weight loss, PMS, menopause concerns, vaginal tightening and moisture, and hormone balancing.  This is a powerful feminine experience and can be equally enjoyed privately or with a friend.

Far Infrared Sauna

Warm the body and create a great sweat. Far Infrared Heat is the same heat your palms give off. It works by penetrating deep into your tissues and allowing your body to work on cooling you down through sweat that is loaded with toxins. It is great for skin clearing, burning calories, and releasing unwanted chemicals and heavy minerals. The beauty is that a FIR sauna does not get as hot as a typical sauna, but works on a deeper level, allowing you to reap more benefits in less time. Not to mention, it makes for a much more comfortable and safer experience.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

This treatment utilizes a combination of thin needles strategically placed throughout the face, and body for constitutional support because a balanced body creates a strong foundation for health. We mindfully address your concerns in a scheduled set of appointments. Please set up a consultation so that Becky can provide you with her recommendations for treatment.


Revitalize the body by increasing circulation to the organs and calming the nervous system through a cupping treatment. A number of glass cups use heat to create a vacuum effect when placed strategically on the skin. The suction encourages the layers of fascia under the skin to separate slightly, allowing the old build-up of toxins and scar tissue to move out and fresh blood and platelets to move in, helping to regenerate the tissues. It is often compared to receiving a deep tissue massage and is applicable for tight muscles, common colds, and even cellulite.

It is a commonly perceived notion in Chinese medicine that children's Qi is resting right on the surface of body, thus, they are incredibly susceptible to the benefits of acupuncture. For the little kiddos we use a set of scraping and tapping tools to call the Qi and for the "big kids" we will gently insert very small needles into select acupuncture points. Acupuncture (and even herbs) can effectively treat ear infections, common colds, stomachaches, hyperactivity, and colic. For the breastfed tots, treating the mom can oftentimes have direct effects on the baby so don't forget to take care of yourselves too, mamas!

Pediatric Acupuncture